Weekly Workouts Recap aka Body Pump Week

Happy Monday everyone! I love sharing my workouts on Monday mornings, it’s a great way to recap the past week and get ready to start a new week! I will be doing a separate post on my Body Pump Training too!


Body Pump Practice + Spin Class at the new gym where I will be teaching Cycling


Strength Training Routine with a Stability Ball + Body Pump Practice


Body Pump Practice + Taught my second to last Cycling class at 23rd/8th


The ride looked like this: 8 rounds of tabata, climb, 7 rounds of tabata, climb, 6 rounds of tabata, climb, 5 rounds of tabata, climb, and 4 rounds of tabata. My Cycling instructor from Friday nights made this one up so I totally give her credit for it. It was a tough ride for people!


I was SO tired and stressed and I had no desire to workout/run. But I took a mental check and decided that there was no pain, I was feeling fine, it was just my brain saying no, no, no. So I laced up my sneaks and went out there anyway and it felt so great to run off some stress. I got in 5 miles and listened to the whole Body Pump 96 release. I normally don’t run with music but I needed something to get me going.





Body Pump Training 8am-6pm, let’s just say we took 3 Body Pump classes that day essentially.


Body Pump Training 8am-6pm, another 3 Body Pump classes that day, holy soreness.

So basically the theme of this week is BODY PUMP.

Hope you all have a great week of workouts!



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