Weekly Workouts!!

Hello everyone! I coming at you a little later than expected. It was SUCH a busy weekend that I didn’t get a chance to blog at all. But I am here with a workout recap for the past week!


Rest- after a busy weekend filled with Body Pump Training my body just needed rest.


After a horrible day at work, a 4 mile fast paced run to get out some aggression.


Surprisingly smiling after the day I had.


Body Pump Practice + taught my last Cycling class at 23rd & 8th. This week I begin teaching at Englewood in NJ.


One guy told me this was his favorite class of all the classes he takes. πŸ™‚


5 Mile Run + Subbed a Cycling Class. Their energy was amazing and they loved my music!!



Body Pump Practice


7 Mile Run with a friend! It was unexpected, but he saw me as I was starting and joined me for my run. He is definitely faster than me so I pushed the pace during this run! This was also my longest distance since the marathon.




OH Guess What?


I got into the NYC Half via lottery!! This means half marathon training starts like next week! Winter please stay 60 degrees like you have been this December, pretty please!!!



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