Weekend Recap: Granola, The Nutcracker, and Lunch!

Hello everyone!! Hope you enjoyed the last weekend before Christmas! I really have been trying to enjoy this holiday season and this weekend definitely continued my Christmas spirit!

Friday Night


Granola Gift Making!


After my run I finally got a much needed manicure and pedicure. The last time I went was right after the marathon. Yesterday I discovered a black toenail. I guess it didn’t come on so quickly when I got the pedicure right after the marathon. Haha guess it’s part of the battle wounds.


My sister did my eye make-up for our night out.


She is very talented!


Pre-night out pics.


Love my parents!

My family and I headed into the city to see The Nutcracker! Before the show we grabbed an early dinner at Cafe Fiorello across from Lincoln Center. It was good. Not the most amazing food in the world and pricey, but that’s NYC.


They start you off with an amazing bread basket. I love bread baskets.


We shared an Antipasti of Veggies and Short Rib Meatballs.

IMG_0903 IMG_0904

For dinner both my sister and I wanted pastas with crab and lobster but they were sold out. I opted for Agnolotti with a Bolognese sauce.


Dessert was my favorite part. Started with a cappuccino.


Then we ordered the homemade mousse with fresh whipped cream that they bring to your table to scoop on a plate.



Holy crap, it was so good.

We also ordered a Meringue Pie.


So good.

With full bellies we headed off to Lincoln Center to walk around!

IMG_0916 IMG_0927

It’s so pretty!

IMG_0925 IMG_0922

My sister and I had some fun pretending to be ballerinas.

IMG_0933 IMG_0932

It’s so cool inside!


Family Selfie!


Inside the gorgeous ballet.

It was so amazing. I am in awe of how dancers can move. The last time I saw The Nutcracker I was little and this was just so amazing. Now that I am an adult I can actually follow the story line and appreciate the music and the dancers. It was incredible!


Today was a BUSY day! I went food shopping, started prepping for Christmas, baked some of the cookies for Christmas and enjoyed a lovely lunch with Jen and John! They came from all the way from the city to Jersey (it can be an epic journey, especially by bus šŸ˜‰ ) to grab lunch at The Cheesecake Factory! We had so much fun catching up and enjoying some delicious food!


Top right Avocado Spring Rolls and Bottom Right the Fresh Vegetable Salad with Grilled Chicken. So good!

And just like that the weekend is over! 2.5 School Days until Christmas break ::I can make it, I can make it:: šŸ™‚


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