Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone!

During such a busy time of year it can be hard to sneak in those workouts. Along with all the holiday indulgences around it can just be tough in general. I know that there have been many yummy treats at work and days when I just wanted to relax and not work out. However, I always lace up my sneaks or get on my workout clothes and just get started and within 10 minutes I feel awesome!


Body Pump Practice + Took a Spin class


Love that post spin glow


4 mile Run with some sprinting work. I forgot to tell you last week that I decided to do a 30 day ab-challenge because homegirl has been slacking on the core work since the marathon. The challenge throws in some HIIT work and running work too because all those things are important to help your core.



More Body Pump Practice. I am getting there! I just need to learn 4 more tracks then I can start working on my coaching and perfecting my technique before I film my video.

Then I taught my first Cycling class at the  Englewood location!


I wanted to run but it was pouring out so I opted for the Gym instead. I used PB Fingers Body Weight Bench workout and used the elliptical before, during, and after each set. I was SUPER sweaty from this one.



Body Pump Practice. I guess the good thing about continuing to practice is that I am working out at the same time!


Crappy Long Run. It was cold so that was not so fun. I also brought music because I am starting to get sick of running at the park and miss the views of running in Hoboken. So my music kept stopping or the earphones got annoying. My left quad/booty/hip kept hurting from all the squats I have been doing. I was lazy and washed my hydration bottles in the dishwasher and then when I drank from it they tasted like soap so I couldn’t drink any water. Yes, that was a full paragraph of complaints.


Some runs suck. This one did. Moving on…




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