Monday Weekly Workout Recap!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. I am off of work until after the New Year so I will be soaking up my time by sleeping in, relaxing, checking things off the to do list and exercising in the morning!

Let’s recap this past week of workouts!


Body Pump Practice


3 mile Run, my groin/hip adductor was really bothering me during this run so I decided to take a few days off of running after this, however in another post I will share what I realized about my hip adductors!


Body Pump practice plus taught my Cycling class at Englewood with 9 people! I was shocked that I had a nice size group on a rainy night, the night before Christmas Eve.


Christmas Eve


Since I decided to take some time off of running I went to the gym and took my own spin ride that I taught the night before. When you teach you have to fake it a bit because you need to talk through the class. I never go anaerobic when teaching, however I make my class do it. So when I took my own class this time I went anaerobic and really worked it. Boy was it a sweaty workout! I wore my heart rate monitor too and it said I burned 430 calories. I’m not a calorie counter, however I was just surprised that I burned that much! I usually average 350-400 for a spin class, so I really worked it!




Rest Day because all I wanted to do was keep my feet up and eat chocolate and watch the Christmas Story. πŸ™‚


My sister’s boyfriend is a power lifter, he like squats over 500 pounds. Yea…


He has BIG muscles πŸ˜‰

So we all went to the gym together! I practiced my bis and tris tracks with my sister and then we did a lot of upper body lifting. Back, chest, tris, and bis. I have been doing so much Body Pump practice it felt weird to just be lifting weights. We finished with some tough core work and a plank challenge! It was so much fun to workout with my sister and her bf!! It’s fun to socialize and workout too! PS: I was SOO sore the next day.



4 Mile Run. Normally Sundays are a rest day, but I had slept for 10 hours (love Christmas Break) and just felt like I wanted to get my body moving.


Next up NYC Half Training Begins! I want to post about my plan and then my next Weekly Workout Updates will be titled Training Updates!


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