Week 1: NYC Half Marathon Training

Happy Monday everyone! What an awesome break from work! I caught up on SO much sleep, I’m talking 9-10 hours a night. I think my body needed it. I also enjoyed many treats and eats and balanced it out with some great workouts. Christmas cookies aren’t here all year long, so a little weight gain will probably come off in a couple of weeks back on a routine.

For Christmas I received the Believe Training Journal, so I have begun documenting my workouts! I documented ALL my workouts last year in a little calendar book, but I love this journal. It has places to record goals and race recaps. I love it!



3 Miles with negative splits plus some at home PT and Core Work. I felt really great during this run.

I also subbed a Cycling class and the speakers did not work for the first two songs, so we used my phone on a guy’s mini speakers while the manager played around with the stereo. Thank God he got it to work because it was just awkward with low music and a class of 17 people!


It was rainy and gross and I just was’t in the mood to go to the gym but I was in the mood to workout.


IMG_1091 IMG_1090

I had a little helper at home 😉

I made up this workout which left me super sweaty and sore the next day! I have been doing so much Body Pump, switching it up felt great for my body. PS How much do you hate burpees? I don’t think I will ever learn to like them.

I did some non-weight Body Pump Practice too because my video is due in about a month!


3 miles- Last run of 2015!


Taught my Cycling class in Englewood at night.


Body Pump Practice at the Gym.


“Long Run” on the Training Schedule. 4 miles. My hip adductor was hurting again, so I did some PT work after. First run of 2016!



I met my friend from my Body Pump training in the city and we practiced together. It was helpful to get some hints of what I need to work on and vice versa. We both are pretty solid on all our tracks! I cannot get over how long it takes to learn them. Like how do real instructors do it?


Rest Day- Last day of break 😦 I can’t wait for Summer now!!!

That is a wrap up of Week 1! 10 miles in total. Man, training for a half is just a whole other thing compared to a marathon. It’s also crazy to see how quickly your body falls out of marathon shape. I really want to do another marathon in 2016 though, just need to figure out which one!

OH one last thing, if you didn’t see my Instagram…


I have Purple hair!!! Well in the back! I wanted to do something fun so I went for it. You can only see it when I have it up, so it’s kind of a fun surprise!


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