Week 2: NYC Half Marathon Training

Happy Monday everyone! I am officially back in the work grind. No more sleeping late and just over all busy days. Hence the lack of pictures in this post!

So Week 2 kind of sucked running wise. I got in some miles but each time I have gone out for a run that hip adductor pain starting coming back. I did PT work, stretches etc. Until my run on Friday (I was supposed to do 5 and couldn’t finish) finally I decided it’s time to call the doctor. I will keep you posted on my progress. I have been injured in the past and it’s something I have learned to deal with. I don’t know why my body doesn’t love running so much, my I know my heart and mind do. So if I have to take some time off and get back to PT then that is what I will do. (One note- I have to say I have a feeling all this repetitive Body Pump is what the injury is from, I’ve been doing the same moves for weeks and my body is saying no now. I don’t think the overuse is from running at all because I have been great about keeping my mileage low since the marathon). I really just hope I don’t have to miss the NYC Half, mostly because the cost of it is so freaking expensive!


3 miles with some PT and Core Work, and just that slight twinge of pain most of the time.


A dumbbell strength training routine just to switch it up for my muscles and then some of the upper body Body Pump tracks.


3 mile run with some of that pain plus taught my Cycling class. I had 14 people!!


Full Body Pump Practice


I cannot wait to film my video assessment and not listen to these tracks for awhile!!! AHHH!


3 miles with pain and final decision enough is enough, stop running Andrea.


Burn Instructor Training in the city!!


We learned three formats and basically took three shortened versions of the classes. I am SO excited about this class. I need to audition first before I can officially sub/teach a class. I really love how creative this class let’s you be as an instructor. While there are formats to the class, you can tailor it to the needs of your group and change it up ALL the time!!


Rest Day!

Has anyone taken Burn at NYSC?

Favorite workout of the week?


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