Recent Eats: Good Home Cookin’ (mostly)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


As I was gathering my pictures for my post I realized I didn’t really eat out much this week. Personally, I would rather eat a home cooked meal than an overpriced somewhat decent meal. Don’t get me wrong, I do eat out at restaurants and like to try different places but there is something about home cooked meals!


On Saturday I headed into the city around 10:30am to get to my Burn Instructor training. (Have I fully disclosed that I am living with my parents now for a few months?- I can’t remember if I did? Ya, long story that I’m going to keep private for the Internet,  ANYWAY hence longer commutes to the city since I’m not in Hoboken anymore.)

TANGENT. Anyway, so I wanted to eat lunch on the train so I was fueled for my training that started at noon. So I munched on my tomatoes and carrots and turkey sandwich on the train around 10:45 and this man was staring at me like I was crazy. Excuse me sir, I eat lunch at 10:50 during the work week, so I am hungry. Sorry, I’m not sorry.


Home cooked whole roasted chicken with a heaping pile of veggies and mashed potatoes. Mmmm, I love my mama’s mashed potatoes.


I’ve been really into 85% Dark Chocolate Squares with some peanut butter smeared on top. Such a delicious and healthy evening dessert.


An attempt at “carrot cake” overnight oats. Recipe still needs work before I share.


This bowl of eggy banana oatmeal on a rainy Sunday morning was exactly what I needed.


A homemade salad.


I made homemade pasta again, this time thin pasta (two weekends in a row!!) with homemade meat sauce.

IMG_1406 IMG_1407

The ONLY thing I ate out this week was at Lugo in NYC before I went to the Rangers game with my friend from work. This meal was delicious!! On the left grilled octopus and a yummy salad. On the right a VERY delicious mushroom and tomato pizza! So good

Tell me some of your Recent Eats!!


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