Week 3: NYC Half Training

Happy Monday everyone! Who is off for MLK Jr. Day? I am! I LOVE 3 Day weekends, who doesn’t? πŸ™‚

Let’s recap supposedly Week 3 of NYC Half Training, which isn’t looking so promising.


Rest- I went to the Ranger’s Game with my friend from work, so there wasn’t time to work out. We had a blast!


Body Pump Practice. I was super discouraged and cranky and just overall annoyed during this practice. I didn’t use weight for squats and lunges because of my hip and I was just so mentally burnt out. That night I came home and planned a time, location and finalized details for my video assessment. I just want to be done with it. So January 24th will be the taping and that is it. I’m giving myself one shot and sending it in!


I did a half hour strength training session (not Body Pump) then taught my Cycling class. I had 16 people! It was so exciting, I love having a lot of people!


At work our word of the month is “Calm” so they had a free yoga session for us to take, so I went! I love yoga and don’t do it enough, but it felt great. The instructor had us set intentions for our practice and when she was doing that she said “everything will unfold as it is supposed to unfold, the good and the bad will unfold.” I LOVE that! It’s so true and I want to use that as a mantra moving forward.

OH, I haven’t told you! After, I headed to the gym and did a little more BP practice with no weights and taught ANOTHER Cycling class! I now have two official classes! I am SO excited!! I am really working hard to follow my dreams and make some changes to my life. It may take some time but I do feel that I am heading in a great direction and that my life will continue to unfold as it is supposed to unfold. πŸ™‚


I did an awesome workout at the gym, it was a little under an hour but I was sweaty and felt like I worked hard. I have really missed just fun total body strength sessions, since BP has taken over my life. I am happy to start getting back to them.

Here it is:

Basically it is 1 minute of Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, then Cardio, then do 45 seconds then 30 seconds before moving to the next round.

  • 5 minute warm-up (jacks, squats, etc.)
  • Round 1- 1 minute of Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions, Squats on the Bosu, Step Stacker Crunches (you have to stack step risers in front of you and then in back of you- hard to explain, but it is awesome), and Step-Ups. Then do 45 seconds and 30 seconds.
  • Round 2- Shoulder Presses, Lunges on the Bosu, Plank Hand Walks (Up, Up, Down, Down), Burpees
  • Round 3- Chest Flys, Bent Over Rows, Oblique Crunches with Feet on Bosu, and Double Time Jumping Jacks.
  • Cool Down

Such a fun- total body and sweaty workout!



I decided since I took a whole week off of running to give it a go. I don’t have pain when I squat, walk, cycle, etc. so I decided to try it again.


After 1.5 miles I just walked back home. It hurt too much and I didn’t want to do more damage. I have a doctor’s appt on the 25th. I think it’s back to PT for me. I am also feeling like the NYC Half may not happen either. UGH it was SO EXPENSIVE. 😦


Rest Day!



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