Recent Eats Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day!


Have I told you that since I am living with my family now, we are doing a “meal plan” rather than a full meal prep. We are planning the meals each night, I cook one of them on Sunday ahead of time and my mom or dad cook the rest. It’s nice because I am getting my family to eat healthier and I am getting a lot more variety than I was when I had one meal for the whole week. I still prep my salads for work ahead of time, because it is life saver during the week.


Here was one of the meals, homemade chicken Quesadillas with Whole Wheat wraps.


Friday night pizza with artichoke and chicken and a whole wheat crust.


This is out, my favorite salad, a roasted veggie salad with grilled chicken with a carrot ginger dressing. The white is a big hunk of goat cheese on a crostini.


Banana Ice Cream with Hot Fudge and Peanut Butter. The banana ice cream wasn’t too banana-y unfortunately though.


I made a VERY delicious and different smoothie. I have been getting a little tired of green smoothies so I tried a version of this recipe I saw in Cooking Light magazine. A whole orange (peeled), mango chunks, Greek yogurt, water, chia seeds, and half a cup of rolled oats. It tastes like a creamsicle. Very yummy!


My friend and I grabbed an early dinner at Flatbread Pita in Hoboken. I got the chicken pesto flat melt with a side salad. Delicious!


I baked some mini cornbread muffins to go with BBQ Lentil Stew.

That is a wrap-up of some yummy things I have been eating!

Anyone else indulge in some ice cream in the winter?


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