Week 4: NYC Half Marathon Training!

Happy Monday everyone! How did you survive the snow if you are on the East Coast? What a pain, over 2 feet!! UGH!

So I am still titling this post Half Marathon training because I have my doctor’s appt this evening. I will have a better idea bout what is going on after that. However I have not run at all and have used very light weight if any for squats when practicing pump.


MLK Day= Day off of work!

I practiced my audition for Burn. It was such a fun, sweaty and tough workout!!

Later that night I had my actual audition. My GED says that I am approved to sub!! She says I’m not ready for my own class yet which is understandable, I need to get some practice teaching in the main studio first. Hopefully I can find a class to sub soon.

After that she asked me to sub her cycling class for her. I luckily brought my cycling shoes since I was planning to take her class after the audition. I also luckily had a photo on my iPhone of an old ride I did, so I quickly wrote it out and pulled up the playlist on my tablet. It was a little nerve racking to teach on the fly, but I did it!


Full Body Pump Practice- talking and everything


45 minutes on the Elliptical while watching the Kardashians. It felt really good to zone out to something stupid and not listen to music haha. I don’t have time to watch much TV so it was kind of nice.

Then I taught my Cycling class. It was a great ride!! I had 12 people!


I stopped by the bank to care of some business things, can’t wait to disclose soon! πŸ™‚

Then I headed to Englewood and did just a half hour of BP practice. Then I taught my Thursday night class. There were no repeat customers so I did the same ride from Wednesday!


WOW- 3 classes in one week!! It was so fun!!


Full Body Pump Practice- SO READY TO FILM!!!!!


Snowstorm= At home workout to start the day


I did a really awesome Cardio and Core workout using my Β new step, Bosu and a timer. I didn’t use any weights since I have done a ton of lifting this week. Just good ol’ fashion body weight! My HR monitor said I burned about 250 calories in a 45 minute workout! That sounds like a good workout to me!

Then about 3 hours of shoveling….


Rest Day (well plus shoveling).

I cancelled my filming in the city. 😦 With over 2 feet of snow, train delays, it just wasn’t safe or smart to try and go in the city. I am rescheduling it for this upcoming Sunday and that will be it. The video is due February 6th!



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