Weekly Workouts: Trying some new things, PT, and Treadmill!

Happy Monday everyone!! WOOT I am off this week for President’s week! Honestly I needed this week for my mental health so badly. I am excited to recharge, get some things done, and try and catch up on sleep.

The past few weeks have just been very busy and stressful, I just need a minute. Also- looking back at this week I took zero pictures of my workouts, I just have been going from one thing to the next so documenting anything has been out of my mind. So sorry for lack of pictures but I promise it was a great week of workouts nonetheless.


Physical Therapy, so looking back at my past few sessions I have decided I need to look into a new PT place. It sucks to start from square one, but honestly this place sucks. It is attached to my new doctor’s office, it’s old, outdated, there are only two Physical Therapists and no assistants. My PT does not seem to have any systematic approach to helping me. He constantly forgets which side my injury is on and he answered his personal cell phone while helping another client to tell the person he was speaking to “it’s in the knife drawer.” Sorry- not professional at all. I feel like all of my exercises are random and the place is just dingy. It’s funny my sister randomly goes there too and we bumped into each other that night. She agrees with me and we both are looking for another place. Our Dad in in PT too (haha my poor family) so we may switch to his place.


Upper Body Strength Training- Superset workout.


I also did some core work from my girl Peanut Butter Runner’s Plank Fitness Book.  Love her blog so much #girlcrush.


Physical Therapy- I did have an appt so I went to it and the guy had me run on the anti-gravity treadmill. Honestly this is the ONLY thing that place has going for it. After a few minutes my hip started hurting. I don’t think it’s the labrum however the muscles in that area. It was weird and cool to run on the treadmill, now if only every gym had one then I could be a treadmill runner! I wonder how much they are…..?

Taught my cycling class. 10 people, great energy, great sweat for everyone! It was all ladders and climbs! Tough and awesome class.


Full Body Superset Strength Training before I taught my cycling class. I’ve decided that I need to do the same ride both nights, planning and figuring out two is a lot. I don’t think people mind taking it twice??


Here is a pic from my photoshoot! Photo credit: Tablecat Studios Instagram.

Can we chat a minute about un-solicited advice at the gym. It really bugs me. You do you, I will do me. I won’t get into details but I just needed to rant about that.


I was tired and happy that my February break officially began and I had zero motivation to put myself through a workout. I wanted someone else to guide me. So I took a Pure Barre class! It’s so challenging and such a different and fun workout. Great way to kickoff my break!


I slept like crap the night before and didn’t have the energy to do cardio or anything but I was craving a good sweat. So I took a Hot Yoga class- exactly what I needed. The crappy sleep had made me feel super anxious so this helped get my breathing in control and just sweat out all the anxiety. The teacher actually teaches at NYSC too and I had met her at an employee Meet & Greet. Her energy is amazing, so fun, calming and positive. It was such a great class, I really truly need to consider getting yoga back into my life more regularly.


REST! Valentine’s Day aka #hereiamsingleagainday #wheresthechocolate


A sneak preview of some of the edited work!! They are SO talented!

And one more picture since I took zero pictures this week.IMG_1757

A bunch of great personal trainer resources and Skinnytaste Cookbook.



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