A Typical Day in the Life

Some of my favorite bloggers have been sharing a day in the life so I figured why not share a typical day during a work week!

5:30 AM- Alarm goes off, hit snooze for 10 minutes.

5:40 AM- Charge my iPhone, press brew on the coffee maker then hop in the shower.

6:00 AM- Drink coffee and read blogs.


6:20 AM- Pick out an outfit, do my makeup and put on jewelry.

IMG_1669 IMG_1670

6:30 AM- Eat breakfast and depending if I am the first one up, unload the dishwasher.


6:50 AM- Brush teeth.

7:00 AM- Drive to Work.

7:20 AM- Get to work, fill up my water bottle, put my lunch in the fridge and sign in.

7:30 AM- Turn on computer, get the Smart Board set-up, deal with emails.

7:55 AM- Greet the kids in and get the day started. Usually I have a break in the morning for 45 minutes to get prep work done, lesson planning, making charts, emails, etc.

10:50 AM- Lunch. Always a salad and a sweet potato.


11:25 AM- Bathroom break and make an afternoon cup of tea.


11:30 AM- Kids are back from lunch and recess, back to teaching.

2:30 PM- Dismissal

2:40 PM- Afternoon snack, always an apple something else- granola bar, trail mix, etc.

IMG_1676 IMG_1693

3:10 PM- Time to leave to head to the gym.

4:00 PM- Get to the gym, change, and do my own workout-lifting, elliptical, etc.


5:30 PM– Bathroom break, set-up my microphone in the Cycling studio and finish up the rest of my afternoon snack to fuel up after my workout and for my class.

6:15 PM- Teach my Cycling class.

7:10 PM- Log in my hours, pack up and head home.

7:30 PM- Dinner Time. Always a big plate of Kale and roasted veggies with whatever is for dinner.

IMG_1706 IMG_1532

8:30 PM- Unpack and repack my gym bag.

8:40 PM– Make some Chamomile tea and an evening snack.


8:50 PM- Watch some TV, scroll through Instagram while enjoying my evening snack and tea.

9:25 PM- Brush Teeth

9:30 PM- Lights out!


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