Weekly Workouts!

I am sad to see my week off over 😦 I needed this week off so much. I accomplished a lot, had some fun and got in some amazing workouts!


I headed to the gym in the AM to practice my spin ride for the week. I like having an idea of how it’s going to go and what to tweak. Since I can’t run, spinning is my favorite alternative to cardio so I have been doing it a lot more. The only problem this morning was the AC was on full blast and it was already very cold outside. I wore my sweatshirt the whole ride and even had my hood up for the first part of it. Now I know what it’s like to ride outside! I torched over 400 calories- it was a tough and sweaty one!! Note* I don’t like to be like “oh I burned 400 calories now I get to eat X, Y, Z.” It’s more a frame of reference for how hard I worked, how high my heart rate goes, etc. I tend to burn in the 300ish-400ish range for a spin class, so when it’s up there in the 400s I know it was harder!



It was super rainy and gross out so I did an at home strength training workout focusing on 10 moves that targeted multiple muscle groups rather than one, example: squat presses or step-ups with a bicep curl. I did 4 sets of each exercise: 60 seconds, 45 seconds, 30 seconds and finished with tabata. It was SUCH a great workout!! Like I said, not to count calories but again I burned over 400 calories in this workout! Because of the total body work and the timing I was able to get my HR up while strength training, proves that you can lift weights and get in cardio at the same time. This also proves that you can workout anywhere, you don’t always need a gym!Β Β #shamelessplug πŸ™‚


Later on I went to my first PT session at my new place. Such a different than my last place. It’s new, innovative and they want to truly help me. They also use Graston which I had done on my ankle and I really think it is effective in help breaking up all that crunchy muscle. My session was about 2 hours long so I know it’s going to be very intensive in getting me better, hopefully sooner than later. I also really want to try and get myself to run on the treadmill while I am there. I think having them see me run may be what I need to get better. I just need to get over my fear!! 😦

That evening I subbed my first BURN class!!! It was so fun teaching in the studio!! I got great feedback and learned what I would do differently next time. I am a Type A perfectionist and I need to tell myself, that this is all a learning process. It’s not going to be perfect and that I just need to keep on learning. Overall I really had a great time subbing this class and can’t wait to do it again!



Julie from PBFingers put up some cardio workouts on her blog that morning and I decided this was a great one to try out! (For the last 10 minute jog I went on the bike instead). I was SO sweaty and just felt like I got in an amazing and tough workout.

Later that evening I taught my spin class and my sister and her friend came!! It was fun to have her in the crowd! I had 19 people, literally the most I have ever had teaching a class. I have to say, it was a little overwhelming because there was a lot going on. First of all my mic died so I had to shout the whole time. People were late, a few people left early, there were a few bike issues, it all just felt all over the place. I was so so so upset about the few people that quit out early. I kept thinking is it me, what did I do, was it too hard? I literally was just very very sad. My sister was encouraging and said it was a challenging ride but the music was fun and she loved how I let everyone know what they would be doing for each song and for how long. She felt like she knew what to expect the whole time. I talked to Jen too and she also made me feel a million times better. She said it can be really hard to not question if it’s you, why they left but she said there are a million factors. Were they not feeling well, did they have a rough day, do they only have a certain amount of time, etc. She made me feel so much better!! I knew she would, she is an incredible instructor and an amazing friend! I needed her advice! πŸ˜‰


I would like to call this day: Felt like I ran a marathon day.

The new Body Pump release came out so I decided to go to the gym and do a run through of the whole thing.


It’s SO hard!! I am not going to kill myself over learning it, especially since I don’t even have my own class and the NYSC by me don’t even have it, so I can’t sub. My PT said I need to stay away from squats and lunges (he even said I need to back off of the cycling, elliptical, any lower body- thanksssss a ton. Guess I need to bring swimming back in my life.)

Then I headed to PT for a full two hours. Like WHY is it TWO HOURS??? I was drained from what they put me through, I came home and fell asleep for two hours to make up for it!! My body ached so bad.

After my nap I had to wake myself up and get my butt back to the gym to teach my class again. Three people from the night before came back, so I had to be doing something right πŸ™‚

That is why I called it marathon day, one hour of pump, two hours of PT and a 45 minute spin class!!!


I had PT again bright and early for another 2 hours! Did I mention they are also working on my glutes so I have been getting that area massaged too, awkward!!!!! I had no desire to workout after that so I didn’t. My body was like no please rest, so I did. My PT explained that while I am in physical therapy, resting is a big part of it. I need to let the work that I do in PT work and if I continue to use that area it’s not going to heal properly.


I went into the city to film my friend’s Body Pump audition. Not gonna lie, hearing those songs again made me queasy. πŸ™‚


Rest Day!



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