Weekly Workouts!

So I guess when I am working and extra busy I forgo all picture taking of my workouts? Sorry! Oh well, here is my workout recap anyway! πŸ™‚

Before I share, I do want to vent/discuss. My physical therapists feel that I need to back off on any type of squatting, elliptical, cardio machines, spinning, etc. AKA only do upper body lifting.

Now I am really really trying my hardest to stay positive. I haven’t run in two months but have found other ways to work out. Now I am being told I pretty much can’t do anything and I tried hard to accept that but then on Friday I kinda lost it. Running, exercising is such an amazing stress reliever for me and for anyone. My job is very stressful and I am a busy busy person so I love an hour to myself to sweat, get some endorphins flowing and feel great.

I have been doing what I can but it doesn’t feel like a stress relief. I need to just tell myself that I need to recover and take it easy because then I will be able to get back to all the things I love. It’s just really tough and some days it’s hard to have that positive outlook.

I am going to ask my PT her thoughts about hot yoga and how long I need to be backing off on my workouts. If it’s going to be awhile I may do a month of hot yoga. It’s $50 unlimited for a month and I really really love it. Just have to see if it’s okay for my hip.

OK enough venting! On to the workouts!


Upper Body at home strength training + Physical Therapy


Upper Body Body Pump 97 Practice at the gym


Physical Therapy + Taught my Cycling class


Upper Body BP 97 practice *note don’t try and do clean and presses without squatting, you will hurt your lower back and wake up with pain the next day

I had a sub for my Cycling class because it was my sister’s birthday so we made pasta at home and celebrated her day!


Physical Therapy- they worked on my back and I went light on my exercises


I walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes (I figured walking is ok cardio, right?) then I did a circuit of chest, shoulder and back exercises. Then I practiced the biceps/triceps/core/cool down for BP. Learning tracks definitely gets easier. I guess you get Β feel for choreography, counting? Maybe it’s because there is no pressure of filming a video at the end?


REST, rest, rest! I was very busy cooking/baking for my sister’s birthday all weekend so rest was necessary!


Repost from my Instagram! My amazing photoshoot pics came in! Can’t wait to update my site/social media!!


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