Weekly Workouts: the need for endorphins!

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was busy and fun and too quick as usual!

Last week I was in quite a funk workout wise. I was bummed about my hip and felt kind of hopeless. This week I embraced this change a little more and my attitude turned around for the most part. Let’s recap and I will explain what I mean.


A little upper body and core Body Pump 97 practice. At least I will know the chest, tricep, bicep and core track. Everything else requires a type of squatting so I haven’t bothered to even look at them anymore.

Then I headed to the doctor for a 4 week follow-up. He now added Hip Tendinitis to my diagnosis which is why I am still in pain. He gave me this cream to put on 4 times a day (I’m sorry who has time for that?) and ordered more PT.


I finally decided to get over my pride and get in the pool! I swam for 45 minutes and it left me feeling amazing. Swimming is exhausting and it gave me the boost of endorphins that I think I was lacking last week when I was sulking and being sad about my injury. When the endorphins flow I feel so much better. My mood instantly switches and I have such a positive outlook.


I’m sexy in my swim cap and I know it

Then I headed to PT…

I went to a new guy because my typical PT wasn’t there that night. I explained to him the hip tendinitis and he could really feel it. He also explained to me that he is certified in dry needling (kind of like acupuncture) and asked me if I wanted him to do it on me. I hate needles but I honestly just want to be better and if sticking some needles in me will help then so be it. So he did it… I’m honestly not sure how I drove home. I could barely walk. My left hip was like post-marathon sore. The needles hurt and felt weird. He sticks them in your muscle to create a spasm and my muscles were spasming like CRAZY.


Waking up I was still incredibly sore and I hobbled all day at work. Being so sore left me feeling just totally wiped out and the thought of going to PT and teaching my cycling class was not going to happen. I cancelled PT, came home took an hour nap and then somehow went and taught my class. (I tried to get a sub but no one responded to my email). I had 16 people, so it was a fun crowd!


I was still feeling sore so I did a tiny bit of BP practice before my class but that was about it. Then I taught my class to 3 people! The inconsistencies are so strange but I am not taking it personally. It isn’t all about me so I’m not going to worry about it (I have so many other things to worry about anyway!!).


PT and more dry needling! It was not as bad as the first time which shows that it is helping! Hallelujah!


Upper body/core BP 97 practice + 45 minute swim!

IMG_2008 IMG_2007

I LOVE my watch. Like the fact that I can track my work in the pool and running and cycling, like it’s amazing! Can the Apple watch do that, nope!

Then it was off for a full day of watching a US Gymnastics Competition at the Prudential Center in Newark. I LOVEEEE watching gymnastics and when I was younger I used to be jealous of my sister who was a gymnast and I would pretend to be one.

IMG_2051 IMG_2036

Like how freaking cool?

IMG_2038 IMG_2072

We had SO much fun!!! Gabby Douglas won for the women’s!! GO USA woot woot!!

I have to say, watching gymnastics is an exhausting activity! I was wiped when I got home!


REST Day as per usual!

I am so excited- this week I am starting to train my first client! I will be sure to update how it all goes. I am working hard to make moves in following my dreams. So proud, excited and READY to take on all these awesome ventures.


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