Cycle for Survival!

On Saturday, March 12th I participated in Cycle for Survival with my team: Team JCAP (Jen, Cari, Andrea and Patty).

Words really can’t express how touching, inspiring and incredible the event was.

I headed to Equinox on 50th Street bright and early.


I signed in and received my swag and bike assignment.

IMG_2134 IMG_2133

I headed down to the room and locker room.


We were bike 55!

IMG_2137 IMG_2143

Once everyone got to the gym we all hung out by the bike ready to get started!

I gave the girls gift bags that I made for them!

IMG_2106 IMG_2107

They began the event with an extremely touching and sad talk that brought tears to my eyes immediately. To hear the stories of people who have been affected by this horrific disease really showed what this event was about. It wasn’t about taking a spin class, it was about being supportive and rallying and cheering each other on because every single person in this world is affected directly or indirectly by cancer.


Jen was up first!!



The instructors were awesome!!


Patty was up second!


Cari rocked the third round!


I finished up the last ride!!


Pre-ride selfie :::: Post-ride selfie

Some of the fun Team JCAP pictures that we took!

20160312_104219 20160312_104230


20160312_122221 20160312_122235

Before each ride and at the end we heard talks from people who have been affected by cancer whether as a loved one, a friend, a nurse, a doctor, anyone. Each story made me realize how we need to be there for one another, surround ourselves with positive people and live life to the fullest. Being negative, worrying about small things, it just put it all into perspective that those things don’t matter. We need to enjoy our lives and be with our loved ones because you never know when your life can be completely turned upside down.

Thank you to everyone who helped organize this incredible event. Thank you to everyone who donated to our team.

IMG_2164Β IMG_2132

I will be doing this every year until we find a cure.


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