Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone! Who ran the NYC Half yesterday?? Hope it was awesome! I officially cancelled it so I believe I can get guaranteed entry next year but will have to repay. We shall see…

Let’s recap my workouts from this week!


Rest- after my audition on Sunday, I felt like that was a workout and I needed a day to rest. I trained my client that afternoon- I LOVE training her!!

Moving forward I am going to have Monday as my rest day. Waking up early to workout is just way too stressful for me (if and WHEN I get more clients- that may need to change) and since I don’t really have time after work since I will be training, then Monday is my rest day!


Physical Therapy, I am now doing some single leg deadlifts and squats with kettle bells- working up in the world of PT!


Some Body Pump 97 practice and taught my Cycling class.


I rocked my Cycle for Survival tank- love it!!


PT + taught my Cycling class.





Upper body strength training + took a cycling class at the gym I teach at. I probably should still be backing off but my tendonitis is feeling much better, it’s just the labrum that is bothering me at this point.



50 minute swim with my new goggles- it made the swim a million times more bearable!

That is a wrap-up of my workouts this week!


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