Labrum, Lauren Conrad, and Life

Recently I have been thinking how I am in such a blogging rut! I love blogging, but it’s also time consuming and not always a priority. I always have these great blog post ideas and then don’t get to them because life is busy and life is life. Anyway, I hope you enjoy two easy peasy weekly posts and when I get the chance to be creative, I will do so!

Let’s talk Lauren Conrad. Last week my mom saw that she was going to be at local bookstore and told me about it. I decided, why not and went by myself to the bookstore, only to see this:


A very long line. But I decided to stay f* it and go! First you go inside an purchase the book, then you wait on line outside. I wasn’t thinking and I had workout capris on and a light jacket since I had come from the gym. Well it was collllld. But me being me, I made a friend on line and we chatted away the good hour and a half in the cold.

Then we finally got to wait on another line inside!


At least we could be creepy paparazzi people while waiting! 🙂

Finally I got to meet her!!


I told her how my away message in college always said TGFTH on the days the Hills was on (Thank God for the Hills).


I don’t think she cared about my story but she did say she liked my purple hair!

IMG_2414 IMG_2415

I guess I need to have a party now and use my new book!

Next topic… Labrum. 

So my hip tendinitis is pretty much gone- holla dry needling! But the pain I feel is the torn labrum in my hip. The only way to make this pain go away is surgery. Now, I knew this and I was told this but I also feel like this was kind of sugar coated to me. Like oh, it’s just a small tear, PT will make you feel better! No- PT only can cure the tendinitis, not this.

I had a talk with my PT last Friday and she said that basically I can finish up my work there and keep them posted on my next steps. AKA- let us know when you have surgery. They even gave me names of some surgeons.

So now I’m in a very tough place right now. I have my business, my spin classes, my whole life going on right now and the labrum is really just keeping me from being able to run right now. BUT- when I work out, am I limited? YES. Can I do Body Pump the way I used to? NO. Do I have to modify almost every workout? YES. Do I feel pain when I do certain moves? YES. Can this get worse? YES. That is what makes me the most nervous, is this can get worse.

My plan is to talk to a surgeon. I have so many questions that are not answered that will help me make my decision. I really don’t know what to do and the only way I can make a decision is to get some real answers. I am probably going to speak with someone at the Hospital for Special Surgery in the city during my break (hopefully my insurance complies and I can get an appointment) and then I will move from there. This. Sucks.


So that is my update on Life right now. I don’t know what is happening next, so I’m just kind of in limbo right now…


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