Miles ran, miles rode, calories burned, calories eaten, steps taken, heart rate, weight, pants size, numbers, numbers, numbers.

Often times we get caught up in numbers.


For someone who is constantly active, numbers are a big part of my lifestyle. If I wear a heart rate monitor while working out I can see how high my heart rate is increasing and I can see how many calories I have burned. If I take or teach a cycling class I can see how many miles I rode or how high my watts were on the bike. Seeing these numbers can be very motivating. I know how hard I worked and can feel like I gave my workout 100% and feel successful because I gave it my all.

But at what point, can these numbers start messing with your head and that feeling of success is dependent upon these numbers? For example: I burned X amount of calories, that was good or that was not good enough. I ran X amount of miles, that was good or that was not good enough. I walked X amount of steps today, that was good or that was not good enough.

I like to monitor my feelings and decide when these numbers are having a negative effect on myself. 

Ever since the marathon and my torn labrum injury, I do not burn as many calories as I did when I was running 3-4 days a week. I have had to take more rest days, slow it down by receiving physical therapy, and try different workouts other than running. I have seen a change in my body because of it and I was seeing a change on the scale because of it.

That change in a number started to get me down. I had some irrational thinking- like maybe I shouldn’t be having snacks or maybe I need to cut this or cut that out of my diet. Then I realized, the number was having a negative effect on me and I needed to cut it out of my life. So I stopped weighing myself a few months ago and now it is just not a worry to me.


I like wearing a heart rate monitor to see how hard I am working in a cycling class, however when I start to get down or obsessed with the number of calories burned or how high my HR gets, I back off of it for a bit and I don’t wear it for a few weeks. I can still lift weights and cycle and work out and listen to my body rather than a watch.

I am more than a number. I work hard, I fuel my body with healthy food, I eat chocolate and ice cream, I cook and bake for loved ones, I am dealing with an injury, I am following my passions.

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Photo Credit: Table Cat Studios

I am more than a number. You are more than a number. We are more than a number.

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2 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. artificiallybalanced

    YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON!! You are such an incredibly positive person even when you are feeling down about something, and that is a huge inspiration to me. You are beautiful inside and out!! You look phenomenal and I’m so jealous of your muscles!! Great post my love. I definitely get caught up in the #’s too. I just took my fibit off all weekend I was away to get a break!!

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