Weekly Workouts #running and other hashtags

Happy Happy Monday and Happy Spring Break to me!! After this week off, 10 weeks until summer break, I’m not counting or anything. 🙂

Here is a recap of last week’s workouts with some funny #hashtags mixed in because I am in that kind of mood!


Rest Day- Trained my client


Body Pump Practice, I increased my weights and did some tracks from 96 to switch it up. At this point I’m really not teaching BP, but it’s still a great workout that I love and since there isn’t anywhere to take a class, why not make my own!

THEN. I attempted to run. Yep. Honestly, I haven’t run since I guess January and if I am going to talk to a surgeon I need some more information, aka how much pain am I in when I run. So I ran a large block by the gym- .73 miles to be exact. Well basically my entire left hip/quad just hurt. I couldn’t even tell you if I felt labrum pain because everything hurt. When I finished I swear I thought I ran a 9ish pace that’s how winded and tired I was. Nope- 12:12 pace!!! I ran a freaking marathon and now .73 miles felt hard. #overit

Moving on…


Did some PT practice on my own at the gym

Taught my cycling class, had a nice size crowd of 14 people!


It was one of those whirlwind days. I woke up to a flat tire. Thank God I live with my parents again and could take my Dad’s car to work. I had to get my car after work and do some business stuff and I was going to an event that evening so I had limited time to work out. So I worked out at home! #loveowninganathomepersonaltrainingcompany 🙂

IMG_2510 IMG_2512

I don’t know why I get that vein popping out of my forehead sometimes. #socreepy


My last physical therapy session. I was kind of bummed and not really prepared for it to be my last. Last week she had said let’s move you down to one session and see how you do. But I didn’t realize that meant it was over. I didn’t even get a chance to bake for them! #that’showIalwaysendphysicaltherapy 🙂



Bootcamp + Spin class. I am going to try and make this my new Saturday thing because it’s such a great workout!



An amazing and sweaty workout taught by Jen at the new Harlem Cycle! We did 30 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of strength training, and it was sweaty and I was sore afterwards!! If you live in the NYC area, you totally need to check out this new boutique fitness studio!!

That is a wrap-up of my workouts this week!! Looking forward to morning workouts on my week off!!


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