Weekly Workouts- some running!

Happy Monday! How was your week of workouts? Let’s recap mine!


Rest Day. My client cancelled so I worked on updated my rides for the week to make them more “Schwinn like.”


Practiced one of my rides.


PLUS I did a 15 minute run/walk. One minute on, one minute off. My labrum did not hurt at all and my tendinitis didn’t act up! I am meeting with a surgeon tomorrow, so more to come on that…


Body Pump practice before teaching my class. It was a slow week at the gym, very little attendance, what is going on people?!


Another 15 minute run and some PT work at home outside before heading to teach my class.


IMG_2723 IMG_2726

I didn’t want to go to the gym alone and I wanted to take a class but none of the gyms by me offer Friday afternoon classes. So I decided to take a free trial of Fit 36. It’s a Circuit workout that you go through twice. They have you wear Heart Rate Monitors and show your progress on a screen. It was a fun workout but not something I am going to join. I think it is a great motivating workout for people who are looking to do something new with their fitness routine! At this point, I have a lot on my plate, but it seems like a great thing for me to use as a drop-in option. If you have one by you, definitely check it out!


IMG_2733 IMG_2734

A super sweaty Saturday. Boot camp followed by a Spin class where I went 16 miles! The only thing that really sucked was the instructor taught most of the class in position 2, so I tried my best to stay in 3, but there was barely ANY saddle work. So disappointing and it caused my hip tendinitis to act up.


Yoga! After that horrific spin class the day before and super sore abs from bootcamp all I was in the mood for was some yoga to stretch it all out. I really need to be better about getting this into my weekly routine. Fitness is about lifelong health and yoga is a way to keep your body going for longer!




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