Day in the Life: Saturday Edition

I did a Day in the life post about a week-day so I decided that I wanted to share a Day in the Life from yesterday (Saturday)! Enjoy!

6:30am- Wake-up. I wake up around 5:30am during the work week so 6:30am is sleeping in for me!

6:35am- Go downstairs, brew the coffee and unload the dishwasher.

6:45am- Enjoy coffee in bed and read some blogs then eat a pre-workout snack. Today, a Larabar and an apple. Sometimes toast with almond butter and jelly. I usually have a whole bottle of water first thing in the morning too.


7:10am- Brush teeth and get dressed to head to the gym.

7:45am- Arrive at the gym and get ready for my classes.


First up Cardio Cross training class.

9:00am- before heading into the Spin room I re-fuel with a date and some walnuts. I have found this to be such a great mini snack to have in between classes. Good sugar from the date and protein from the walnuts. Easy on my stomach and quick to eat!

9:50am- Take a selfie in the locker room after Spin class.


10:25 am- Arrive at home and make breakfast


11:00am- Chill out for a little bit and make a grocery shopping list.

11:15am- Take a shower.

11:45am- Out the door to head to Trader Joe’s.


12:45pm- Finish food shopping and head home with all my bags. I do the food shopping for the whole house, so it’s a big haul!

1:00pm- Unpack the groceries and usually a fridge clean-out/reorganization.

1:15pm- Begin meal prep, roasting veggies, cook some quinoa, get the sweet potatoes cooked.

1:30pm- Dig into some lunch. Leftover stuffed pretzel, veggies and homemade hummus.


1:45pm- Get back to meal prep: make salads for the week and cook the meal that I am making for everyone this week: Quinoa, Chicken Sausage, Mushrooms, Spinach, Onion and Feta cheese.


3:00pm- Finish meal prep and sit down for a few minutes.

3:30pm- I heard there was a sale at Sports Authority so I wanted to go check them out, brought my mama along for the ride.

4:00pm- Browsed around Sports Authority and found a cute sports bra and Nike running shorts! They were $8 each!!


4:20pm- Headed to another mall to pick up a pair of black Toms for work. I have a pink sparkly pair that I have been wearing and my feet respond well to them (I don’t always do well with flats) so I wanted a black pair to go with everything.

5:00pm- Arrive back at home and do some blogging work and relax for a bit.

5:30pm- Help get dinner prepped and started. I also chopped up the watermelon that I bought at Trader Joe’s, so excited that watermelon season is back!!

6:30pm- Eat dinner. Chicken and veggies from the grill.


7:15pm- I have a cute little buddy that likes to hang out by my feet after dinner.


7:30pm- Head out again with my mama to go to CVS and Total Wine for some errands.

8:00pm- Pick up Ice Cream for the family.


8:15pm- Eat Ice cream and lounge on the couch for awhile.

9:15pm- Make some chamomile tea and relax in bed for a little.

9:30pm- Brush teeth and get ready for bed.

9:45pm- Lights out!

It was a productive and relaxing day at the same time. No big plans and low-key which is sometimes exactly what I want to do on the weekend. My weekdays are so crazy busy that a Saturday night in, is glorious! 🙂 Guess this is what turning 30 is like? 🙂


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