Weekly Workouts: Labrum, cancelled class, and more!

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed the weekend! Mine was pretty low key, which was great because the next few weekends are pretty busy!

On to the workout recap. It was kind of a cold and damp week which made the motivation to workout very hard. Usually weather doesn’t affect my motivation (I really don’t need much motivation- haha guess I’m in the maintenance stage of the change model, any personal trainers out there? 🙂 ) so I think it was more that my body was in need of some more rest. I had a few really strong weeks workout wise and I think my body was just tired.


Rest- trained my client


I went to a surgeon!! He looked at my report, MRI and arthogram and said he is not ready to push for surgery. He likes to explore other options before we look at the route. AMEN! So his first route was a cortisone injection, I would say it hurt as much as the dry needling so it wasn’t so bad. He said that I would be sore for a few days but could resume all activity and return to running in TWO WEEKS!! He said that I am too young to have exercise restrictions on me and he kind of laughed at the fact that I was told I couldn’t run again until I had surgery.

So anyway after the shot, I decided it was best not to push it and go home and rest again rather than work out. Listen to your body folks!

Later that night I received an email from my Group Ex manager that they are cancelling my Thursday night cycling class. The attendance has been very low the past few months so I had a feeling it was going to happen. It’s hard to not blame yourself. Maybe I shouldn’t have been playing the same playlist, but whatever it is, it will end at the end of May. I will still be teaching on Wednesdays and hopefully I can keep up the numbers. However when one door closes another door opens and I just picked up a second personal training client!


I was SUPER sore from the injection and after the news of the cancelled class I just did not want to hang out and work out at the gym before so I did an upper body workout at home and my momma joined in. 🙂

Then I taught my class. I had 13 people and the class felt magical. The energy was amazing and everyone worked hard. It was exactly what I needed after that crappy news on Tuesday.


I slept HORRIBLY on Wednesday night. Like I am talking maybe 5 hours of sleep. I do not do well when I have less than 8 hours, so I was exhausteddddd. I came home after work and took a nap before I went to teach my class. My friend Jeannine came all the way from Brooklyn to take my class!! It was so sweet of her and so fun to have her in the crowd of 6 people haha.


Body Pump 97 at the gym. I finally was starting to feel like myself again and ready to really work out.


Side note: I feel like this pic shows off my quad and booty gains haha and I’m not mad about it! It is annoying to need new pants but what can ya do, a healthy booty is better than no booty! 🙂


IMG_2789 IMG_2790

Since last Saturday’s spin was so bad and with my bitterness about my class I decided to go to a different NYSC. I took a Cardio Cross training class which was amazing and exhausting. The instructor was so kind and really watched out for me because I couldn’t do a bunch of the running/sprinting that we started with. I modified with walking fast and still got in a great workout. The instructor played Body Pump music the whole class and I couldn’t help but start counting in my head. #brainwashedbylesmills

Then I took a Spin class which was nice and sweaty. This gym has Spin bikes and I have really gotten used to the Schwinn bikes so it felt very weird. All good though, a really sweaty workout what was I needed!


IMG_2806 IMG_2805

First up an amazing and VERY sweaty and tough cycling class. I went to a different NYSC than I normally do and the class was packed. I actually had to wait to see if anyone who signed up didn’t show because that’s how packed this class was. The instructor is very popular and so motivating. I’ve taken her class before and realized that I need to keep going to her classes! The only problem is, since she is so popular and since I work for NYSC I am unable to sign up for classes beforehand so I just have to hope to get into her classes. Anyway- the class was so intense (and on Schwinn bikes) that my heart rate went I think the highest I have ever gotten it in a cycling class/in my life. It felt insane and amazing all at the same time! 🙂


After that I decided to take a yoga class to stretch out the past few days of intense exercise. I really liked the instructor. His energy was so calming and cool. Yoga teachers seriously are like my favorite people, they are so chill and cool. I don’t think I could ever be a yoga teacher, however NEVER say NEVER.

Also- I have decided to join Peanut Butter Runner- Jen’s Ultimate Plank Challenge for May! Follow her blog and Instagram to learn more and join in on the challenge. I have always wanted to do an exercise/Instagram challenge so I am excited!


Day 1- See how long you can hold your plank.

So my week started slow and ended with some sweaty/crazy workouts! I am so excited to get back to trying running soon and hoping that this cortisone injection did it’s magic!


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