Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and if you are a mama, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

I had a really great week of workouts and I also am full into the Plank Challenge from Peanut Butter Runner! Be sure to follow my Instagram to see how I am doing on the planks each day!


Rest- Trained my client. But I still did my plank challenge!



A mix of Body Pump 96 & 97. 98 comes next week! It really does get easier to learn the tracks and I have no stress because I’m not teaching it anywhere (yet) however, it’s still a fun solo workout when you don’t feel like hanging in the weight room with the big boys.


Obsessed with my outfit.


Elliptical workout plus taught my cycling class.


At home strength workout then taught my cycling class.


I decided to try out the Bar Method in Ridgewood because the Pure Barre class was filled. Well- the studio is adorable and that is about all the positive I could say about it. Apparently (now I don’t know if this is the instructor’s method or the way they do it in all classes) the way to correct people is to call out their name ON MIC every time they do something wrong and never compliment people on using good form. So, if you are new and your name is Andrea your name is going to be called about 150 times throughout the class. I honestly feel bad for everyone else that they had to hear my name so much. A couple people even came up to me after class to give me advice on how to do it better. I’m sorry I was new and thanks for making me know that I was new. I will be sure to never ever come to your studio again and I will be sure to tell people to never go to your studio again.

Then I came home and did my plank challenge.


Booty booty booty rocking everywhere.


Spin + Burn class, love double mornings! Why do instructors make people do push-ups on a bike? Why?


I took the same cycling class I did last Sunday and holy sh*t- my heart rate went higher than last week and I burned more calories than I ever have in a cycling class, aka what I mean HOLY HARD WORK! I literally screamed the F word at one point and these two ladies looked at me and I apologized and they laughed hahaha.


That is a wrap-up of my sweaty week. Let’s pray the sun will come out this week because I am cleared to try running again!!



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