Weekly Workouts: Planking, Cycling and Running

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you enjoyed the weekend! I enjoyed some down time, some fun time, and some productive time- the best kind of weekend! Let’s get on to my weekly workout recap.


Rest- Trained my client. I also did my plank challenge- it is still going strong, follow me on Instagram to see my progress!


Trained my new client! We worked out outside which was so fun! Then I did a 3 mile run/walk. I have pain on both sides of my inner quads, so I think it isn’t pain it’s just muscles being used that I haven’t used in months. Getting back into running shape really stinks.


Body Pump 96/97 at the gym then taught my cycling class.


3 mile run/walk- still more pain. Then I taught my cycling class, two more weeks left!



A super fun and sweaty cardio/strength circuit designed by PB Fingers! Fun change for a Friday afternoon.


Planks on planks on planks! 🙂


Cycling class + Burn class. Both classes were “eh” but still got my Saturday sweat on!


I tried hard to get into my new favorite cycling class but it was filled. So I practiced my own ride planned for this week on a Spinning bike that they have out with the cardio equipment. The problem with those bikes is it limits your resistance and you can only put it up so high. I still got a good sweat on but it wasn’t the same. 🙂


Plank Challenge- Half way there! Day 15 was more of a plank stretch to give us plankers a break!


That is a wrap-up of my workouts this week!


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