Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? Mine was super busy and way too fast, I feel like the weekends always go way too fast, ugh!

Friday evening started off with an outdoor workout followed by pizza on the grill!



Then I had to hit up Shop Rite to buy the ingredients to make for the salads that my friend asked me to bring to her son’s birthday party.


After that it I got to work on my cycling ride/playlist for the week. I really just don’t enjoy going out on a Friday night. I am just too tired and don’t really feel like socializing haha.

Saturday morning I got up at 5:30 am and made it to the gym at 7am, opening time. I did the new Body Pump 98 release, I brought my laptop with me and had the studio all to myself. Wow- this is another tough release. I also feel like some of the tracks have a lot of different choreography to remember, so this one is going to be tough. I have no pressure to learn it, but I still want to do it, you never know what opportunities are ahead.

Then I took at 55 minute cycling class, that I didn’t know was 55 minutes until we got to the 45 minute mark and it wasn’t over.


Then I came home and did my plank challenge- Jen hadn’t posted the video until the time I was home and I wanted to get it in while I was still in gym clothes.

I refueled with a very yummy omelet- arugula, tomato, and goat cheese.


Then I quickly got showered and dressed for the first birthday party. I loaded up my car with the salads and the three trays of pasta that my dad made and brought it over to the party.


Lots of yummy food- salad, sausage and pepper, my Dad’s vodka sauce and penne, and lemon chicken.

IMG_3137 IMG_3138

Birthday cake is a must.

After the party, I dragged my exhausted body to Trader Joe’s to go food shopping. Then I came home and did my meal prep in an hour, not too shabby!

My whole family was at the party and we were too tired too cook so we went out for dinner. Veggie wrap with chicken and mozz and of course sweet potato fries on the side because I can’t resist them.

IMG_3147 IMG_3148

Sunday morning I woke up and went for a 4 mile run!! More to explain my weekly workouts recap.

Refueled with some overnight oats in a jar.


Ran some errands, did some laundry and then made a quick lunch.


Veggies and egg salad with plantain chips.

Then I had a business meeting that afternoon, more exciting things to come! 🙂

Came home and got ready for Monday (pack up car for client, pack lunch, etc.) and got some business stuff done.

Made dinner and my Dad grilled it!


Mmm love Shish Kebobs

Then some more business stuff and did a little bit of relaxing for the night.

It was a great weekend! Next weekend= 4 day weekend!! Bring on the 4 day work week! 🙂


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