Weekly Workouts: Enjoying the Outdoors

Happy Monday everyone! There have been so many races going on lately! This past weekend was the Brooklyn Half, I love that race so much. Hopefully I will be able to run it again one day. Congrats to all who ran it on Saturday!

Here is a recap of my workouts this past week:


Rest- Trained my client (Plank challenge still going strong though!)


Trained my newest client + 3 mile run/walk and plank challenge

IMG_3080 IMG_3071


Body Pump 96/97 Mix + Taught my cycling class


Ran 3 miles straight!! I have a slight pain in my labrum but it is very manageable. I have an appt with my Doctor again this week so I will talk to him about next steps.


Trained my client. Love working outdoors with her.


Then taught my second to last Thursday night class.


I had every intention of going to the gym to practice the new Body Pump 98 release, but it was WAY too beautiful out to be inside. So I did an outdoor workout in my backyard. I did a bunch of work on the BOSU too. That seriously is my favorite piece of exercise equipment.

IMG_3109 IMG_3106

What is with my creepy forehead vein?


Plank challenge!


I had a first birthday party to attend at noon, so I had to get my ass in gear at 5:30 am so I could still fit in my super sweaty Saturday workout. There is something about completely exhausting yourself and working your butt off on a Saturday, am I right?

So I got to the gym as soon as they opened and did the new Body Pump 98 release. Oh Lord is it toughhhhhhh. Then I took a cycling class and at the 45 minute mark she mentioned another climb, I looked at the woman next to me and said is this longer than 45 minutes?? And she said it is usually 52 minutes plus cool down. DEAD. Haha, still felt great but I would have paced myself a little more if I knew it was longer than 45 minutes!



4 mile run straight through!! I did have some labrum pain here and there and especially towards the end, but I made it!!


Plank challenge


That is a wrap-up of my weekly workouts!! Overall I am feeling much stronger in my core from my plank challenge and I really want to commit/continue with daily core work after the challenge. Your core helps with stability and a strong core can help lessen injuries and I am all about lessening my injuries.


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