Weekly Workouts: Labrum Update

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all of the soldiers and veterans who serve and have served our country. Your true dedication is an inspiration.

It’s Monday, which means time for another weekly workout recap!


Rest, trained my client.


Plank challenge!!


Client cancelled so I went to the gym and did Body Pump 98 again, holy soreness!


Sweaty hot 3 mile run + taught my cycling class- 16 people!!



Client cancelled again so it really worked out because I didn’t think I could fit in a workout before my LAST Thursday night class. So I went to a different gym before and did an amazing superset workout that I created using a strength move followed by a stability move using the BOSU. This left me very sweaty and sore for a few days after!


4 Day weekend! So I started it with a 4 mile run and of course the plank challenge is still going strong, it ends on May 31st!

IMG_3206 IMG_3222

I went to the doctor that afternoon and explained to him that I definitely still feel labrum pain when I run. So next step is officially surgery. However, I have a lot planned this summer for Train2Golden- a boot camp at the pool, another new client, etc. So, I am just not ready to be off my feet for an extended period of time. At this point the pain is manageable so I am going to hold off for a bit. I want to keep running but need to keep it at a minimum because my body is absolutely making compensations for pain, which in turn can cause injury to another part of my body. I think that short runs 3-4 miles (I would like to try to get to 5), two or three times a week should be okay. I can withstand the pain, especially since I know what the pain is. Sometimes when runners feel pain and they don’t know what it is, it becomes this scared and worried feeling. I know exactly why I am feeling pain so I can talk my way through it. (Note: If you are feeling ANY pain when running/exercising, listen to your body and stop, consult a medical professional about how to go about handling it. Everybody and every BODY is different, I am following a plan advised by MY medical professional.) Also, if the pain becomes unbearable, I will not run through it. So that is where I am at in my running life. It sucks, but I have to be thankful that I can still exercise is other forms that still make me happy.


A terrible spin class (bad music and zero energy from the instructor, it was so strange) + a fabulous Burn class (amazing energy from the instructor).


I got into my favvvv spin class. I am so happy I have found an instructor that I totally love and look forward to her classes!

IMG_3279 IMG_3281

Hope you are enjoying the holiday! I have been enjoying the opening of the pool this weekend, it makes summer feel like it is already here! 🙂



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