Weekly Workouts: Final Plank Update!!

The ultimate plank challenge has ended!! Stay tuned for the results!!

On to my workout recap!


Early AM Body Pump 98/97 practice on Memorial Day!


Trained my client- rest day. Final stretch out for the plank challenge before the final test!


First up, I tested my plank!


WOOT!! My previous time was 2:04.22!! I more than doubled my time! Oh, I also was sore from that plank for like 3 days.

Then I did a quick 10, 9, 8, etc. countdown of the reps BOSU/Weights workouts. I have been ALL about the BOSU lately, I really love working on stability while strength training. Although something has been going on with my hand/wrist lately, so I am going to acupuncture next week to see if that can help. After that I taught my cycling class!


Painful 4 mile run, really really felt the labrum pain during this one. Running just isn’t fun when it hurts :-/



Body Pump 98. I also am trying to keep up with the work from my plank challenge by picking one exercise from the challenge to do each day.



A fun medicine ball/BOSU ball workout that I created then a really sweaty spin class. I did 19 miles!!! It felt freaking great!!


IMG_3380 IMG_3381

I woke up early so I decided to get the gym before my fav spin class, I didn’t want to wait around at home and sometimes I can’t get into the class so I figured why not just practice my awesome playlist for the week! Got in 14 miles and I was SUPER sweaty!! After that I did a plank exercise, keeping up with that core work!!

That is a wrap-up of my week! Enjoy the week!


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