Weekly Workouts!

Helllllloooooooo Monday! How is everyone doing? I have two full weeks of work left and then summer workouts begin! Which means AM workouts, my favorite!! On to the weekly workout recap!


My client cancelled so, Body Pump mix of 96, 97, 98 after work.


Rest- trained a client


45 minute elliptical workout + core work (still working my core every day, except rest days!!).

IMG_3402 IMG_3405

The elliptical can be very boring and you can also not challenge yourself at all on it. However, do you see that sweat on my chest, I worked it! The key is to have a good playlist and just constantly change the resistance up and down. This actually hurts my labrum a bit, I think it’s because I’m really raising my leg up, any upward motion is when I feel it most.

Then I taught my cycling class!


My client couldn’t do it that day, so I practiced some more Body Pump for an upcoming audition, will keep you posted!


I took a personal day, which was so fabulous! I took a really awesome spin class- this new NYSC that I have been going to is so awesome. The instructors rock, the people that work out there are motivated, it is just a really great gym to work out at!!


Later on I went to acupuncture to get some work done on all these random body parts that have been bothering me (elbow, wrist, neck…) which left me feeling so calm and relaxed.

Then I headed into the city and I think I walked like 5 miles while I was there!


3 mile, ok-ish run, plus some backyard strength training.

IMG_3488 IMG_3486


Practiced my cycling ride for the week!

IMG_3506 IMG_3508

Almost 16 miles in less than 45 minutes, that’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

It was a great mix of different workouts! What was your favorite workout this week??


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