Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday!! My LAST week of work, hollllllaaa!!! On to the weekly workout recap 🙂


Total body superset workout at the gym. Felt good to change it up!



1 hour swim at the pool!



I had a Body Pump/Cycling audition at a GORGEOUS gym! More details to hopefully follow soon 🙂

Then I taught my cycling class!


Rest Day- I hadn’t taken one since last Tuesday, so it was necessary!


Another one hour swim in the gorgeous weather at the pool!


I have decided to start a split routine for my strength training work. I am hoping breaking it up will help with some of my tendinitis issues and I also am looking to change it up! So Saturday was Back/Biceps! Woot, it left me feeling sore and sweaty! Then I took a cycling class.



I woke up much later than expected after a very fun night out so I missed my fav spin class so I decided to give running another shot.


PS I just recently got Snapchat- another form of social media to make me obsessed with 😉

Anyway! The run was mostly painless, I felt the labrum more in the beginning and here and there but for the most part I felt really great! My mom said maybe it’s the acupuncture? Maybe?! If I can keep on running 3-4 miles almost painless, I am grateful for that!

That is a wrap-up of my workouts this week! 


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