Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone!! I am so excited that it is officially summer! I have SOO much planned for my business this summer and I am excited to have the time to dedicate to it. I am also excited to have the freedom to work out in the morning! Savoring every moment 🙂

Let’s recap my workouts from the past week, my last week of work!


As I mentioned last week I have decided to start a split routine because total body workouts and Body Pump practice have been causing some tendinitis. I am LOVING this new routine! It’s so fun to really focus on certain muscle groups. I also am feeling a lot more sore than when I was doing total body workouts. It’s so important to change it up and I am excited to venture into this new way of strength training.


Leg Day


My client cancelled so I headed to the pool for a swim!



Chest, Shoulder and Tricep Day then I taught my cycling class.


Rest Day- trained my client. However at work I got into the rock climbing professional development class so I did do that. I didn’t get to the top of the rock wall because it was scary but I did climb the whole rope ladder to the ceiling!



Last day of school! 4 miles, felt okay-ish.



Back and Biceps Day



Rest Day- I had SOOO much work to do for my business that I just needed to focus and get to work. I worked for hours but got a lot done!

That is a wrap-up of my workouts this week. A nice mix of many different workouts!


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