Weekly Workouts!!

Happy Fourth of July! I feel so blessed to live in such an amazing country filled with opportunities. Today, we celebrate our country’s freedom and honor all who have helped and continue to help keep our country safe. 

**If you follow on Instagram, you may have noticed that I had a surprise birthday party thrown on Saturday evening. I cannot WAIT to write up my birthday recap!!

But for now to keep things on track here, back to our regularly scheduled program of weekly workouts recap!


Leg day in the AM! I was supposed to go to Aerial Yoga that evening but my back was killing me after acupuncture and I decided it was best to listen to my body. I was so bummed to miss out but I was credited my money back. I cannot wait to try it again!


Trained a new client then headed to the spin room and did a previous ride I had planned.

IMG_3715 IMG_3714

Later that evening was my Boot Camp class that I have planned to teach my swim club this summer!! It was my first trial run and of course my amazing sister came to support me!



I woke up and my right bicep was KILLING me. It had felt sore from Saturday but just was progressively getting worse, so I decided to skip lifting and went for a run instead.

Then I trained two new clients! Holla more business!

Then I headed to acupuncture to get my bicep looked at and she really, really helped it but advised that I stay away from lifting weights for a few days.


More cardio! I decided to do a fun cardio circuit: 15 min run. 5 min, jacks, etc. circuit. 5 minute BOSU workout. Repeat both. Then end with a run, which was a run/walk because my labrum was feeling not so hot by the end.

Later that evening I had my sponsored table night at the pool for my business.



Headed to the gym before training two clients and did a spin ride.


Look at those max watts!!!


I woke up nice and early and made it to an awesome spin class with fun American themed music.



Rest day after a very fun birthday party the night before!!

Enjoy your 4th everyone!! I can’t wait to share recaps of my birthday and the 4th!!


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