My 30th Birthday Surprise Party!!

On Saturday, July 2nd, I woke up excited/nervous for my birthday party in Hoboken. My sister had said she would take care of all the details for me, such as call and order the food from the restaurant, etc. I had sent out the e-vite and she pretty much took care of the rest. Last year for my 29th, I cooked for everyone and while it was so fun, it was a TON of work. My sister had said that I should just make it easier on myself for my 30th and I agreed, so I looked into a place in Hoboken and figured that would be perfect.

After a busy morning: spin class, food shopping and relaxing at the pool (haha such a hard life) I came home and got all ready for my evening out in Hoboken. My sister did my hair and makeup and I wore a fun romper that I got at TJ Maxx with a gift card!

IMG_3780 IMG_3773

She is such a good makeup artist.

We quickly left at 5pm and I was shocked at how quick we got out the door, my sister can sometimes take her time. 🙂 We drove to the bank, took some selfies and then headed down to Edgewater to pick up two friends on the way to Hoboken.


Selfies in the car. 

Before getting to Edgewater we stopped for some iced coffees at Starbucks to wake us up before the party. Haha I said and this is how you pregame for your 30th: coffee!


From my Snap Chat!

All of the sudden while at Starbucks my mom called and said that my Dad wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to come (they were planning to meet us down in Hoboken). I was SO mad and disappointed!! How could he not come, this is my 30th?! I then called my mom with a very angry tone and sent a not so nice text to my Dad. My sister said we are pretty close let’s just go home and get mom. I really didn’t agree with turning back, I wanted him to suck it up and come, but we did it any.

Once we got home I saw him standing outside and I got pissed!! I hopped in the backseat so my mom could sit in the front. I wouldn’t even look at my Dad. Then he said I need your help in the back with something and I was like what, why? NOT NOW! Then I stamped my foot like a not-so-30-year-old and said but we are all dressed up!! I followed my sister to the backyard and SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!! I was SHOCKED!!!! What were all my friends doing in my backyard, what is going on, I was so confused?!!! I screamed and cried and then eventually ran and hugged everyone that came!! My sister and parents planned a surprise party for me! I couldn’t believe it!!


Me screaming, WHAT?!!

After the initial shock, I got a drink: Pineapple infused water! And admired the Cuban theme!!


My sister and I loved pineapple infused water during our trip to Miami at the Fontainebleau. 


Really cute decorations!

IMG_3868 IMG_3867

1986 Facts


Adorable flower arrangements 


They got Cuban food catered (my fav!) and I had a sample of it all: empanadas, tamales, plantains, ropa vieja, pulled pork, rice and beans, and Cuban sandwiches.

After enjoying my food, I took pictures with all my friends in our photo booth station!

IMG_3804 IMG_3824

There were also balloons that said #30yearsyoung

IMG_3818 IMG_3812

She had all of my friends decorate the backyard as soon as we left for “Hoboken.”

IMG_3871 IMG_3856

I loved having all (most of- some couldn’t make it!) the important people in my life there!

IMG_3803 IMG_3799

SO much fun!

Then it was cake time! OH the cake, OH the cake! I continue to dream (and eat leftovers) of that cake. I actually did have a say in the cake as I thought they were delivering it to Hoboken. It was from A Little Cake in Park Ridge, NJ.  The best thing about their cake isn’t so sweet that it hits you in the face, it just tastes perfect. We got a cannoli and strawberry filling, vanilla cake and a chocolate ganache. SO. FREAKING. DELICIOUS.

FullSizeRender IMG_3820

IMG_3874 IMG_3873

After that we also enjoyed the S’mores bar that was set up!

IMG_3810 IMG_3876


There were even lights on the umbrella!

Since my birthday is right around 4th of July a lot of times you hear fireworks going off. So we ended up having a doggy that escaped from his backyard and into ours, so we had to figure out the mystery of who he belonged to!


Luckily we found the owner and then lit sparklers to end the night!

IMG_3843 IMG_3835

IMG_3837 IMG_3842

It was such an amazing, incredible, shocking, heart-warming, fun, magnificent night!

Thank you to all of my friends who came and helped set up and followed my sister’s instructions.

IMG_3850 IMG_3851

She had maps and labeled boxes!!

Thank you to my parents for planning, preparing and scheming for this party! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!! ❤

And most of all THANK YOU to my sister Ally, who was the head planner of every single detail and made this party happen. I was completely and utterly surprised and the thoughtfulness from the decorations to the food to drinks to the invitations and contacting all of my friends! Ally, I am so lucky to have such an amazing sister like you. Love you so much!!


Thirty ain’t so bad 😉 


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