Third, Fourth and Fifth (my birthday) of July!

I hope you enjoyed reading My 30th Birthday Surprise Party Post!  I had so much fun over the next few days that I wanted to write a recap of my fun weekend/holiday/birthday!

On Sunday after the party I woke up after maybe 5 hours of sleep. I went to bed pretty late but I wasn’t able to sleep in too late. So I went and picked up bagels for everyone because I felt “hungover” even though I don’t drink haha and a bagel would do the trick!


Regular CC and Walnut, cinnamon, raisin CC. 

Later on I finally opened all of my birthday gifts and cards! It was so sweet of people to bring me gifts, so not necessary but SO thoughtful!

Jen got me the BEST GIFT EVER!! A Levain Bakery Chocolate and PB Chip cookie, a gift card to Levain and such a “me” tank! OMG that cookie! I can’t, like they are just the best thing ever. I warmed it up in the microwave for 20 seconds and it was gooey and yummy and amazing. (PS I can check this off my summer bucket list!)

IMG_3882 IMG_3883


I got so many fun thoughtful gifts and even some Lulu Lemon gift cards- can’t wait to use them!


Pretty flowers as a gift!

Later that evening after some cloudy pool time I baked some S’more Bites because we have so many leftover S’more things and because I was going to a BBQ that night.


Super easy and delicious!

Then for dinner we enjoyed some grilled chicken, veggies and potatoes.


Later on my sister, her bf, and our cousin headed to a fun BBQ/party. We ended up staying out until 3am and homegirl was exhausted!!

On Monday, July 4th I woke up pretty early despite the late bed time and decided to torture myself with a run anyway. 🙂 Haha it actually woke up me (sort of)!


4 miles for the fourth wearing red, white and blue!

The town parade goes right in front of our house so a bunch of my friends came by as per tradition to watch!


We then headed into the park for the traditional pickle on a stick!


Then we hung out in the Beer Tent for a while (doing some major people watching haha)!


Eventually we were famished so we headed home to have some snacks and eventually some BBQ!


Later on we attempted the fireworks but it started down pouring as it was about to start. We were able to see some from the car and watched the NYC ones on TV when we got home.


Pre-rain view.

While watching the fireworks on TV I sat down with a ginormous piece of leftover cake and a warm cup of tea that made me so freaking happy.


On July 5th, my birthday I finally had a restful night of sleep! I woke up and headed to the gym for a “30 workout.” I did a spin ride for 30 minutes. Then I did some total body weights in sets of 2 x 15 reps totaling 30 reps in all. I wanted to do a 30 minute run too but I was cut short on time and decided that spin/strength was good! I was super sweaty and felt great after all the sugar and no sleep for a few days! While I was there a woman approached me to compliment me on my lunge form and when I told her I was a PT she asked for my card! Hopefully a potential client! 🙂

IMG_3934 IMG_3935

Thanks Jen for the fabulous tank “Will Squat for Pizza” and my friend Meagan for the water bottle that says “I can and I will.”

After that I headed home and refueled with my fav breakfast: PB/Banana/Chocolate overnight oats in an empty PB Jar.


Then my sister and I headed to The Fountain for hot stone massages! I got a gift card for my birthday from my “fousins” and decided to have my sister come along too, just as a thank you for my amazing birthday party!


So fun and so relaxing!

Then we grabbed lunch at a little too overpriced place From Scratch in Ridgewood, it was yummy, but expensive for lunch.

IMG_3943 IMG_3944

Then we headed down to the pool to relax a bit. After that I had my Boot Camp class to teach at the pool! I had 3 people which I thought was great! We did a “thirty” workout where they had to do 30 reps of different exercises at 4 different stations.

IMG_3953 IMG_3950

Then I headed home quickly showered and got dressed for my final celebration at another place in Ridgewood called Pearl for dinner. They had a pre-fixe menu which was a great deal!


Sorry for the terrible dark pictures but I started with the goat cheese potato croquette.

For my main dish I got fish, I can be very picky and weird about fish but for some reason I wanted it so I followed my craving!


For dessert a strawberry bread pudding.


That is a wrap up of my Birthday/Holiday weekend!! I had such an amazing party, weekend, birthday, I am so thankful and blessed to have such an awesome life with amazing people in it! ❤


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