Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday everyone! Now that it is summer I would like to work on some fun blog posts and change it up rather than my two posts a week! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things lately and link up with Life in Leggings!


Warm Cinnamon Cereal from Kashi. So good with just milk or mixed in with yogurt and fruit.


I saw Jen from Peanut Butter Runner post this on her blog so I decided to pick some up at Trader Joe’s. It is so good and really does calm your stomach down. I love tea and usually have a cup after lunch during the school year so I will be sure to continue purchasing this throughout the year!


A breakfast casserole that I made. We had a bunch of veggies that were about to turn so I cooked them up and made an egg casserole that lasted for a few breakfasts for me and my family.


Iced Coffee from a local coffee shop in Ridgewood.


Black and White Ice cream from Bischoff’s.


Ever since going to acupuncture my back has started to act up from time to time. I think they are working on reducing the inflammation but with that comes soreness. This hot pack feels so good on my back.


Mini size Larabars. I bought these for my sponsored table night at the pool for my business but I have a ton left over. They are great for a quick pre-workout snack or when a sweet tooth strikes. Remember when I used to LOVE Quest bars, my how I have changed! I do my best to eat as less processed as possible!


Adult coloring book. I got this for my birthday and I must say it is very relaxing to just color!


Summer Reading! I have a pile of summer reading books on my nightstand, summer reading is my favorite!!


Lululemon purchases. (Sorry I took this picture after I wore those green pants that’s why they are wrinkly haha). I had $100 in gift cards to Lulu and I enjoyed myself there. Two pairs of workout capris, a tank and a headband!

What are on your favorites this week?


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