Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Last week was filled with sweaty workouts, I hope yours was too!


Back and Biceps Day!


Rest Day- I literally did not stop all day! I trained two clients, went to a Dr.’s appt, went to a new gym that I will be subbing at to deal with some new hire stuff, finally came home and scarfed down lunch at 3pm!!, went to the pool to relax a little, then taught my Boot Camp class at 6:30! What a DAY!


I had no clients and got a sub for my cycling class so I made it a “vacation day!” It started with a 4 mile run.


Then the rest of the day looked like this:


I had a “me” day at the beach= total heaven.


Leg Day then trained a client.


5 mile hot, stick, slowwww, sweaty run!


I was feeling pain in my left ankle which is definitely because of a compensation that I am making because of my labrum. I gotta keep an eye on that and take some running days off. I want to get back to swimming, I just have been avoiding the pool because it ruins my beautiful purple hair. 🙂 The price we pay for beauty.


Spin class + Burn class, I was just in the mood for a morning sweat-fest and that was what I did!


Rest Day. My rest days have become unplanned this summer which I really like. I used to make it every Sunday, but my rigid-ness and flexibility continues to become more balanced and I rest when I feel like it, when things in life take priority, etc. I woke up late after staying out late and just wanted to have a chill day. 🙂


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