Day in the Life of a Teacher in the Summer!

I love Day in the Life posts and I have done a few this year, so I figured it would be fun to do a summer post! Very different from the school year!

Today I will share what I did on Tuesday!

Alarm goes off at 6:15 am and I snooze til 6:30 am.

Go downstairs and get some coffee and water to enjoy as I catch up on blogs.


Then I grab an apple and a mini Larabar for my pre-workout snack.


7:20 am get dressed for the gym.

7:30 am  get out the door and head to the gym.

7:45 am get on a spin bike because I decided that I needed a few days off of running. Not going to lie, this took a ton of motivation to get up and get going.


8:30 am Stretch and do some core work to finish up.

9:00 am Eat breakfast super quick, overnight oats- I forgot to snap a pic!

9:10 am Hop in the shower.

9:25 am Grab my stuff for my client and head out the door.


10:00 am Train my awesome client

11:25 am Arrive home and clean off my equipment then pack up my car for boot camp later. Then get some work done (training plans, spin playlist, etc.)

1:00 pm Break for lunch. Normally I make a big salad but I was craving a sandwich so I went with it.


2:00 pm Head to the pool to lounge and read my book “Me Before You” (so good).

5:00 pm Have a snack before Boot Camp


5:30 pm Get changed and set up the field for Boot Camp

IMG_4179 IMG_4178

6:30 pm Teach Boot Camp, only one person showed but it’s all good, I am so proud of her for coming every week and I am proud of myself for starting this!!

8:00 pm Eat dinner: grilled chicken and grilled peaches salad


8:45 pm Unpack my car and clean up all my equipment

9:30 pm Finally a minute to unwind with a snack and tea and watch some Bravo.


10:00 pm Lights out!



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