Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday! Whyyyyyy oh whyyyy is it August??? The Long Sunday, it makes me so sad. At least I had some great workouts last week, right?


Chest/Triceps/Core Day


Did my own spin ride + trained a client + taught Boot Camp



Back/Biceps/Core Day. There were two guys that hogged the Lat Pulldown machine for like a half hour. REALLY?

Later on taught an amazing cycling class! Good sized crowd and great energy!


Still no running so I did another spin ride.

IMG_4199 IMG_4202

There were no towels so I decided to take my tank off and use that! I want to get into this more in another post but let’s just say, this was a big deal for me. 🙂

Then I trained a client.


Leg/Shoulder/Core Day.


Rest- I was away for the weekend in Mystic, CT. Recap to come soon, so it was a weekend filled with exploring, hanging with my girlfriends and lots of eating!




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