Mystic, CT. Weekend Recap!

Last weekend I went to Mystic, Connecticut for my friend’s bachelorette party! It was such a fun time!

After a very long car ride there filled with laughs, playing the game Contact and road trip snacks we made it to Mystic.


The Maid of Honor and Bachelorette gave us cute goody bags!

We quickly got dressed and headed to dinner at the Engine Room.

IMG_4218 IMG_4219

There were so many good things to choose from the menu but most of us settled for burgers. I also got a (small) side of squash. As soon as our food came we became silent and inhaled it all.

IMG_4222 IMG_4221

The waitress brought out monkey bread and a candle for my friend and we sang “happy bachelorette” to you and shared the monkey bread.


After that we hung out at a bar for a few hours and walked around the town. We were all pretty tired from the long drive so we didn’t stay out too late so we could enjoy our Saturday.

We woke up fairly early the next morning and had complimentary breakfast in the hotel. Got ready and headed to an Alpaca Farm!


IMG_4235 IMG_4233

To get the Alpaca’s attention you call “Hey Laddddiessss” and they come!

IMG_4236 IMG_4237

We fed them carrots!

IMG_4248 IMG_4242

It was so much fun! PS we all wore flower crowns for the Bridal Party.

Then we grabbed lunch at a Snack Stand by the water in Mystic.


Tuna melt and a side salad.

Later on we headed to Downtown Mystic to do some shopping.

IMG_4256 IMG_4257

Also, apparently the bridge raising is a big deal…


We also visited the famous Mystic Pizza, but we picked up food from there later on.


After a full day we came back to the hotel, hung out and relaxed and got ready for our evening. We also enjoyed our food from Mystic Pizza. I went with a veggie/chicken wrap instead of the pizza because I heard the pizza was nothing to call home about. I’m glad I did because the girls said it tasted like Pizza Hut.

IMG_4271 IMG_4272

Then we finished up getting ready and decorated the hotel for our friend!

We also munched on the sugar cookies that I baked!


IMG_4266 IMG_4274


We also decorated ourselves with temporary tattoos.

IMG_4282 IMG_4279

Then we headed to the Scorpian Bar at Foxwoods Casino.


We danced the night away until 3am!! I haven’t done that in forever!

The next morning we woke up at 10am! Since we missed the free hotel breakfast we went to the Mystic Diner which was much needed after dancing all night.


Then we walked around Olde Mistick Village for a little to do some more shopping before heading home.

IMG_4292 IMG_4293

I bought some fudge for the family and a cute ornament for them.


It was such a fun mini getaway! Although I don’t have a lot of money to travel right now, mini getaways are perfect for me!


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