Weekend Recap in Binghamton!

This past weekend I headed up to Binghamton, NY for the lovely Jen’s bridal shower!

We headed up Saturday afternoon for our fun road trip. First stop: lunch in Hibernia, NJ at an awesome diner.


Turkey Cheddar Wrap with a side of grilled veggies

Then we got back on the road and headed upstate. We got to our hotel got ready quickly and met up with Jen’s friends and family for a dinner with almost 20 people! I had been told all about the regional dish of Binghamton: Chicken Spiedies so I of course ordered it!


Original Chicken Spiedies Sandwich 

Then we headed back to the hotel to hang out for awhile. It was so fun to meet Jen’s friends and laugh with them!

The next morning we woke up and headed to a Hot Yoga class. The studio was so adorable and the class was awesome. It was a 75 minute class and the instructor was amazing. I haven’t been to hot yoga in awhile so it felt great to get a good sweat/stretch.


View outside the hot yoga studio

We grabbed iced coffees at Wegman’s (my first time there- LOVED it) and then refueled with some continental breakfast.


Inventive and delicious oatmeal/PB/banana

Then we got ready for Jen’s Bridal Shower!

IMG_4343 IMG_4345

Jen’s mom had an old stationary bike (since Jen is also a spin instructor) and decorated everything in blue and white (her wedding colors). It was so pretty and the backyard was gorgeous!

IMG_4366 IMG_4370

We played a fun “quiz about Jen game” and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

IMG_4358 IMG_4347

All the bridesmaids had adorable name tags to wear.


We enjoyed delicious Italian food- those potatoes, I am still dreaming about them.

Then we had dessert! A yummy cake from Wegman’s and Lemon Bars and Vegan Black “Navy” and White Cookies, or as they call them upstate “Half Moon Cookies” that I baked for the party.

IMG_4362 IMG_4374

Dessert is always the best part.


My plate

After that Jen opened her gifts and we all hung out and enjoyed the rest of the shower!

It was such a fun weekend, seeing Jen’s hometown, celebrating her and John and just getting away for the weekend! So much fun!!


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