Weekly Workouts!

Happy Monday everyone! I’m coming at you a little later than normal today because of an awesome weekend! More to come on that in another post! Let’s dive into last week’s workout recap.


Rest Day


I wasn’t in the mood to run and I wasn’t in the mood to go to the gym so I did a 1 mile short run/cardio BOSU ladder dills/1 mile short run workout in my backyard. I was in the mood to sweat and I SWEAT!

IMG_4382 IMG_4381

I also decided that evening after another no-show at my boot camp I am ending it for the summer. I did all that I could to advertise but I think it just wasn’t the right clientele (most people want to relax at the pool). I am proud of what I did accomplish from it and that I tried it out. The fitness industry is not easy at all and I love how far I have come in just a year. Everything is a learning experience and I do not regret any of the time/money/effort put into this boot camp and hopefully the few people who came enjoyed the workouts!


Chest/Tricep/Core + Trained 2 clients + taught my awesome cycling class!


Did a spin ride on my own at the gym- way too hot to run outside.


Back/Biceps/Core Day


I took a fabulous sweaty spin class!


Rest Day- aka rooftop brunch in NYC for Jen’s bachelorette!

A nice, strong week! I love my new venture into weight lifting and I feel stronger and more Bada** everyday!

PS Have you listened to my podcast with Diz Runs yet?


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