Bachelorette Party Weekend Recap!

Over the weekend we celebrated Jen for her bachelorette party! Can you believe we met through blogging about two years ago? She is such an incredible friend and I am so happy to have met her and I am part of her wedding!!

Saturday afternoon I headed into the city at a cute boutique hotel called the Marcel at Gramercy. 


Brenda, Jen’s MOH decorated the room so cute- bachelorette style!


We got all dressed up ready for our night on the town! FullSizeRender

Then we headed out to Hunk-o-Mania for the perfect bachelorette venue. I will leave it to your imagination about the fun we had haha. 🙂


Then we headed uptown for a fun night of karaoke! It was so fun just dancing and singing and going ALL out for Jen. At around 2:30 AM we were HUNGRY so we got amazing food a diner nearby. Even though I don’t drink- I can get my drunk eat on GOOD!

We got back to the hotel a little before 4 am and passed out = sign of an amazing night.

The next morning we headed downtown in the Meatpacking district for brunch at STK. Jen’s friend Sharde, planned the brunch and had adorable goody bags for us and a menu made for Jen!

IMG_4443 IMG_4444

Such a cool place!

IMG_4442 IMG_4440

We enjoyed some appetizers:


A Bacon, Egg, Cheese Bread pudding.

For my entree:


A delicious Kale salad with grilled chicken.

After we sang Happy Wedding to Jen:


We enjoyed some crumb cake and monkey bread.

After that I headed out and with perfect timing (love when that happens) got a train home!

It was SUCH a fun weekend going out and being social! I feel like sometimes I am not that social (although this summer has been different) and sometimes I prefer a night in on the couch. I loved having just a fun and crazy girls weekend and I loved that we were able to celebrate Jen!! Love you girl!!


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