Weekly Workouts: Quite a Variety!

Happy Monday everyone! This past week was filled with such a variety of different workouts. I love trying new ways to move and being well rounded in my exercises. Don’t get me wrong, some weeks it’s just the typical same workouts. But if I can get a chance to change it up, why not! This week was also considered my “vacation week” because I had no clients to train and got a sub for my spin class, so I was able to go at my own schedule/pace.


Leg Day- new routine that was more of a superset. My legs were sore for literally days.


1 hour swim


After leg day I couldn’t imagine running or spinning, so this was the perfect form of cardio!


Chest/Tricep/Shoulder Day then a day of relaxation at the beach, I even got a sub for my cycling class that evening!


Spin class- 45 minutes of all oldies music= eh not my fav.

Then that evening I took an outdoor yoga class down in Hoboken. Since I have moved out of Hoboken- I have been missing their outdoor exercises classes so badly, so I decided I needed to try and get down there this summer!

IMG_4502 IMG_4514

My new yoga mat is from TJ Maxx for $7.99!


Back and Biceps Day


Very tough and sweaty spin class. I did 20 miles!



5 mile hike in NY State! Can’t wait to share more!


What a different and great week of workouts!


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