Recent Eats!


I am telling you, Cooking Light magazine is awesome. So many easy, delicious and healthy recipes to try out!

IMG_4636 IMG_4635

My Salad vs. Cooking Light- carrots, lentils, beets, goat cheese, walnut and we added grilled chicken.


Another recipe from CL. Quinoa, baby kale, mushroom, with a romesco sauce (SO good) and hard boiled eggs.


Turkey Burgers and Veggies.


Post Run- Fig Smoothie and Banana with almond butter.


Calamari Salad- recipe from the show The Chew


Brought lunch for one full day in my classroom. Not going back until we start- so I needed to put in a full day, hence the fuel needed 🙂


A random lunch. I wasn’t in the mood for salad so I made like a flat bread- Sour Dough Multigrain with mustard, figs, turkey and swiss melted with some side veggies.

IMG_4676 IMG_4677

A burnt but very delicious frittata

IMG_4670 IMG_4673

BBQ at a family friend’s house.


I made my Twix cookies- SO good!


I shouldn’t post this because this was the most disappointing ice cream ever. We go to a place where he uses real fresh ingredients which is so awesome (and usually great). This was mint chocolate chip, he used real mint which that part tasted great, but the chocolate chips in it were like crunchy and gross and I was almost ready to throw it out half way through. Sorry. Ice Cream Rant. Over.

That is what I have been eating this week!


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