Weekly Workouts- Last Week of Summer

Happy Labor Day everyone! Not a fan of this holiday whatsoever. Back to the grind tomorrow, why can’t summer last forever? 😦

Let’s recap my last week of AM workouts!


Leg Day- I am starting a new split next week that changes each week and goes for 12 weeks, I am excited to try something different!


4 mile run, felt great, no pain! They have been working on my left hip in acupuncture, so hopefully that is helping with the tendinitis that flares up.


The rest of the day looked like this:



Chest/Triceps/Shoulders + Taught cycling that night- tough ride, awesome work from my group!


Did a cycling ride on my own at the gym.



Rest- I had back to back clients to train so took the day off.


Very sweaty and awesome cycling class


Closter 5k! Race recap to come soon!


I am going to miss these weekday morning workouts. I really had a lot of fun this summer trying different workouts, outdoor runs, etc. Soon I will be back to the grind and get into the groove of my new workout schedule!


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