Summer Bucket List Recap!

In case you missed it, at the beginning of Summer I made a “Summer Bucket List.” 

  1. Go down the shore
  2. Eat a Levain Bakery Cookie
  3. Eat good Ice cream
  4. Go on a hike
  5. Take a fun workout class in NYC
  6. Take an outdoor workout class
  7. Run a 5k race
  8. Enjoy the outdoors in different ways
  9. Read books for pleasure
  10. Have fun!

So let’s see what I did this summer!

  1. Go Down the Shore

I went down 3 times this summer- once by myself, once with my mama and once with my friend!


2.Eat a Levain Bakery Cookie

Although I never made it to the bakery (which I need to do soon), Jen bought me once for my birthday and it was incredible!

IMG_3882 IMG_3883

3. Eat Good Ice Cream

Well, I can’t say I didn’t do that this summer!


4. Go on a hike

This was so much fun and challenging, such a great experience!


5. Take a fun workout class in NYC- this one I did not accomplish, it’s all good, I had plenty of awesome workouts.

6. Take an outdoor workout class.

I did this twice- two outdoor yoga classes! One in Ridgewood and one in Hoboken.


7. Run a 5k race.

I ran the Closter 5k in 31:49!


8. Enjoy the outdoors in different ways.

I absolutely did this, from celebrating my 30th surprise party, to pool days, teaching boot camp, to outdoor runs/workouts, hiking, etc. I soaked up the outdoors ALL summer!


9. Read books for pleasure.

I read 4 books this summer and I am on book number 5. Determined to keep up reading for pleasure (book wise, I do read a lot of blogs) during the school year.IMG_4792

10. Have fun!

Oh did I have fun! Ice Cream, pool days, Mystic, Binghamton, NYC, the beach, workouts, my 30th surprise party. Everything was amazing! Summer is so sacred and goes so fast. I am so happy that I soaked it all up and accomplished almost everything on my Summer Bucket List!!


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