Recent Eats Wednesday!


Happy Hump Day! Now that I am back to work I can officially say things like hump day, TGIF, etc. When you are not working all summer you don’t really need to look forward to a day of the week because everyday is like Saturday! Haha! Anyway- let’s see some things I have been eating lately.


Broccoli, onion and feta galette. This was so delicious and very easy. I could see trying this with different variations.

IMG_4699 FullSizeRender

I had to go out for a midweek lunch on my last week off. So Rolling Pin date with my mama! That soup is a chilled peach and watermelon soup- amazing. Graham cracker iced coffee to go!


Cheeseburger Salad- recipe from Skinny Taste. This was DELICIOUS and will be back in rotation. If you don’t eat red meat you could easily swap for turkey burgers instead.


Packed some chicken salad for lunch down the shore- chicken, mustard, figs and a tiny bit of mayo.

IMG_4739 IMG_4749

Dinner and dessert down the shore. Fish tacos and my favorite ice cream.


Sausage, peppers, onions and potatoes. Always a quick and easy meal. TJ’s sells a bag of already cut frozen peppers for $1.99- you cannot beat that.


A Cooking Light Recipe- a ground turkey (we used that instead of shredded chicken) Mexican enchilada lasagna.

IMG_4764 IMG_4781

Ice Cream 3 times in one week again. ::Insert monkey covering eyes emoji here::


Picnic at the pool for dinner with my family one night. Savored every moment of summer.


An extremely disappointing dinner at Defiant Brewery in Pearl River, NY. Never going back- food was cold and the brisket was dry, the BBQ sauce was probably Kraft and the service sucked. BYE!

IMG_4795 IMG_4796

We started the summer with Cuban food (for my birthday party) and decided to end it with Cuban food. So delicious!

That is what I have been eating lately!


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