Closter 5k Race Recap!

I haven’t run a race in a long time! My last race was on Thanksgiving, post marathon, so still easing back into running. While I am still injured, I listen to my body and run when I can and decided that I was able to do a 5k.

On Sunday morning I saw the weather and decided it was perfect race conditions. They had predicted rain and wind and that was not the case. So I decided I am going to do it! The nice thing about this 5k is they have same day registration.

The race was at 9:30 so about two hours before I had a light breakfast.


Apple with whole wheat English muffin, almond butter and two strawberries.

Then I got in my usual race attire! Shorts, a tank, compression socks and my two braids. It felt so good to be ready to race!

I headed to Closter which is about a 15-20 minute drive from my house. Found a great parking spot and then headed to registration. It was so simple and I was all signed up.

At around 9ish they had a warm-up led by Retro Fitness which was so awesome. I try to warm up before a race but not as extensive as this. They even had us do burpees!

Then I headed to the start, put on my 5k playlist I made on Spotify and the race started. (Remember when I could run 20 miles without any music- yea, I am not there yet haha).

I started off nice and slow around 11 minute pace, to warm up and ease into. By Mile 2 I was feeling great and a fun song came on do I decided to do sprints to the music like we do in cycling classes, almost like Fartleks but to music. So thats I did for Mile 2 and most of Mile 3. I was hitting 8:50 paces! I did get a little exhausted by the end of Mile 3 so I slowed down a bit and waited to sprint the finish line.


Final Time: 31:49! Not bad for not racing for a long time and an injury!


It felt so good to race again! I really would love to try and find a Fall 10k and get back to that distance. Racing is so much fun and I believe that it helps improve you as a runner. It gives you something to work towards and feel accomplished when you have met your goals.


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